Chula Homa Hunt
Chula Homa Hunt

The Chula Homa Hunt History

Below is video of a hunt in which the video is freeze framed to capture moments of the hounds working. 

     Chula Homa Hunt began in 1980 as the private pack of Mrs. Alex S. Payne, Jr., MFH. The name was chosen because Chula Homa is Choctaw for Red Fox. Our first formal opening hunt was in 1982 at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Payne in Mississippi. Chula Homa Hunt became a subscription hunt in 1991 and was recognized by the Master of Foxhounds Association in 1994. We hunt in central Mississippi.



 Mrs. Payne (Whitty) maintained  the kennels on her property and  served as kennelman for 16  years until 1996, at which time  Karen Allred took over the duties  for the next 5 years.  Cathy  Nestler, our present kennelman,  has served since 2001.




  Our Joint Master of the Foxhounds are Mrs. Scott Skipper (Sue, 1988), Dr Hildreth McCarthy(1997) and Mrs. Beattie Williams (2016). Mrs. Payne continued as master and subsequently master emeritus until her death in 2006.


 Our huntsmen have been: Mr. M.E. (Pete) Norman  1980-1987; Mrs. Scott Skipper (Sue) 1987 - 2014; and  Dr. Howard Friday 1988-1993.    In 2014 Mrs. Beattie Williams assumed the role of huntsman . 








Dr. Howard Friday
Past joint Master of the Foxhounds



Mrs. Scott Skipper, Master of the Foxhounds 







Dr. Hildreth McCarthy                     Joint Master of the Foxhounds

The Chula Homa Hunt is blessed to be able to hunt September to March each year. If you are interested in joining our fun, Contact us

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Ruth Morgan, DDS
Opening Hunt Program 2014
The program from our Opening Hunt held in 2014. For you to enjoy!
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Check out some of the pictures from our recent events.

Chula Homa Hunt
Located in Central Mississippi

Foxhunting at its BEST!

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