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 Master’s Report for the 2016 - 2017 Season

Master’s Report for the 2016 - 2017 Season

  On August 27th we began our 2016-2017 hunt season, which culminated 24 hunts later on March 4th. We averaged 15 members and 3 guests per hunt, with 42 different riding guests throughout the season.

  On behalf of the Chula Homa Hunt membership, I’d like to offer a huge “THANK YOU” to “Beattie and her staff for providing great sport and joy to all who followed the Chula Homa hounds. We didn’t have a blank day all season even though it was a challenging season. At the Whitworth Farm fixture we encountered the clear cutting of trees from the North Trail into the Wilderness and then on the South Trail, which not only changed the entire blueprint of our country, but also the way the game ran and the hounds hunted the country. As if that wasn’t challenging enough, in February the bridge on Old 51 was unpassable, creating yet another obstacle in keeping up with a fast hunting pack of hounds chasing the game throughout, and sometimes out of, our country.

  The Tilda Bogue fixture was great fun to hunt; however the parked train on the tracks seemed to intrigue and beckon hunted game’s curiosity to cross the track as a crying pack of hounds followed.

  The McGowan Lake fixture was also interesting as hounds chased the hunted game out of the country, into the subdivision and back into the country.

   Each fixture presented its challenges while allowing riders to witness amazing hound work as they galloped behind the crying pack. And oh……that crying pack of hard-hunting, determined hounds whose discerning noses perceived and detected the hunted game, letting all humans within earshot know of their discovery, as their voices cried the line articulating their find and allowing their music to echo throughout the countryside while chasing the hunted quarry in full cry permitting all riders to enjoy a great gallop as they participated in the thrill of the chase. J

On March 24th, Beattie and I had lunch with Mercer Fearington, our Southern District Representative and his wife Katie and the next afternoon met them at the kennel to show them around, answering their questions. Their main comment was they thought the kennel runs were “spacious” and allowed the hounds plenty of room. Both are lovely people and hunt with the Live Oak Hounds 3-4 times a week where Mercer is a joint MFH and Fieldmaster while Katie is their honorary secretary.

I’d like to thank the membership for their support, dedication and assistance when needed. A very special “KUDO” to Hope and Maureen for hauling the hounds when Cathy couldn’t. I’d also like to thank each and every member in advance for their continued support during the off-season at work parties, kennel feedings and fund-raising events. Everyone “pitching in” generously is what makes Chula Homa Hunt so exceptional and unique.

  I am looking forward to an awesome 2017-2018 season furnished with great sport and the ability to appreciate all of God’s creations. The partnership between horse and rider; hound and the hunted quarry and life-long friendships are all made and/or continued while appreciating the natural beauty of the countryside. Each hunt provides treasured memories which we can share with others and the ability to say at the end of the day: “A good time was had by all.”


 Respectfully submitted with great appreciation to all of the CHH members,

Sue Skipper - MFH

The Chula Homa Hunt is blessed to be able to hunt September to March each year. If you are interested in joining our fun, contact us.

Opening Hunt Program 2018
The program from our Opening Hunt held in 2018. For you to enjoy!
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