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 Master’s Report for the 2014 - 2015 Season

Our 2014-2015 season began on September 1st with our first cub hunt and culminated 26 hunts later on March 8th.  We averaged 16 members and 3 guests per hunt, with 48 different riding guests throughout the season, and what a season it was!


First of all, we had a new huntsman, Beattie Williams, to whom I’d like to offer a huge congratulations on her completion of an extremely successful first year of hunting the hounds in a very competent manner.  Excellent sport was provided by Beattie along with a very dedicated and supportive staff and membership at each of the hunts and throughout the year.  And let us not forget those hard-hunting hounds whose voices cried the line echoing throughout the countryside as they chased Mr. Fox. (I just had to stick one line in this report referencing the hounds). J J I don’t think we had a blank day all season and I am looking forward to an awesome 2015-2016 season.   “THANK YOU” Beattie and her staff for a job well-done in providing happiness to so many people.



Secondly, I had the privilege of enjoying foxhunting not only from a different vantage point and riding with many riders throughout the year, but also helping whenever needed in a variety of positions.  It was very rewarding to be available to explain what was happening during the hunt to both guests and members.  I also thoroughly enjoyed riding with joint master Hildy McCarthy at several of the hunts. We had a great time assisting when asked, or just out-riding, which is the “official” hunting term for riding where you please to keep up with hounds, and is limited to only a select few.



We also had the adjustment of the sale of Dog Trot, the land where the kennel has been located since Chula Homa Hunt first began in 1982, and the home of founding master Whitty Payne.  Since it sold in October 2014, Mr. Ray Miller, the new owner, has graciously allowed the hounds to stay throughout the season as we tried to find other options.  As to date, no alternative option has been selected, but we are still looking and will need to move the hounds eventually.


I would like to assure every member that we intend for Chula Homa Hunt to survive and to thrive.  We all love this magnificent sport of foxhunting that allows us to appreciate God’s creations in an environment of comradery with the ability to make live-long friendships and memories to cherish.

Chula Homa is blessed with dedicated and committed members having the goal of preserving our hunt and making it work so that at the end of the day we can all say; “And a good time was had by all.”


Respectfully submitted with great appreciation of all the CHH members,

Sue Skipper

Joint MFH

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Ruth Morgan, DDS
Opening Hunt Program 2014
The program from our Opening Hunt held in 2014. For you to enjoy!
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