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   One of the things that sets foxhunting apart from other sports is its rich heritage of tradition and attire.  Not many realize that there is practicality in much of the choices of our clothing. The coats protect against the rain and cold. The tight fitting breeches reduce the chance of the clothing being caught in branches. The tall boots also protect against scratches from passing trees and keep the legs warm in cold weather. The stock tie is traditionally tied with a plain gold pin and is handy as a back up bandage for rider, horse or hound in case of an emergency.  Two hundred years ago there were no cell phones or radios to notify others of an emergency. Riders had to be prepared to care for themselves and their animals while traveling as light as possible. 

Riders in informal attire

 In foxhunting there is traditionally two hunt seasons. At Chula Homa, due to our warm climate, we tend to have three seasons for attire: cubbing, ratcatcher, and formal. Cubbing begins early in the season when we are still having some humid days. The proper attire for these days is a light colored polo shirt, buff breeches, belt, boots or chaps and of course your hunt cap.  Hunt staff may wear a red polo. 

 Cubbing is followed by ratcatcher. Both cubbing and ratcatcher occur early in the season and involve introducing the young hounds to the hunt.  During ratcatcher season the proper attire is a tweed coat, vest, tie or stock tie with pin, belt, tan or buff breeches, black or brown tall boots or chaps.

   Our formal hunt season usually begins with our Opening Hunt in early November. During this season, those following the hounds usually wear black jackets with buff or tan breeches, black boots, white shirt with stock tie fastened with a plain gold pin.  The staff wear a "Pinque" (pink) hunt coat, which is really red in color, white or tan breeches, black boots which may have a brown top to them

     In all situtions women are to have their hair tucked in neatly, perhaps with a hair net. With due consideration for our warm climate, the huntsman may at their discretion forgive the wearing of hunt coats or allow more protective coats as deemed necessary.

With all of these guidelines, the novice might be worried about having the right attire. It would not be neighborly of us to be overly strict with guests and new comers for attire. Speak with our hunt secretary if you are interested in hunting and are not sure you have the right attire.  Especially during cubbing and our Beginner Hunts, we may see friends riding in western tack. We love foxhunting...........yes, and dressing the part. We also are interested in sharing our passion with you.

COVID UPDATE: We plan to hunt! We will be practicing social distancing - not hard on horseback, but we may be altering tailgating. Check here and on our facebook page for weekly updates. The Chula Homa Hunt is blessed to be able to hunt September to March each year. If you are interested in joining our fun, contact us.

Opening Hunt Program 2019
The program from our Opening Hunt held in 2019. For you to enjoy!
Chula Homa 2019 program.pdf
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