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Hunt Officials and Staff

  • Please remember that our hunt is staffed by volunteers. 

  • The huntsman and Masters are responsible for the hunt and the safety of all hounds, horses, and humans.

  • In the field, you should always follow the instructions  issued by the masters and huntsman.

  • Passing the huntsman is not acceptable.  An invitation from the master must be extended to ride along side; otherwise, keep a safe distance behind.

  • Never pass the field master.  If you would like to change flights, seek permission of your field master first and also seek permission of the flight into which you are going.


  • NO SMOKING - We hunt at the pleasure of our landowners. Please respect this privilege
  • Hard hats are required while mounted.
  • Do not crowd the horse in front of you.
  • When jumping and/or riding in wet conditions, allow plenty of space and be prepared for evasive action if needed.
  • Riders with difficult horses must ride in the back.
  • Horses that are known kickers must have a red ribbon tied to their tails and ride in the back.
  • Horses that are new to hunting must have a green ribbon tied to their tails.
  • Stay with your hunt field. Do not lag far behind.
  • If a rider must resign from the field early for any reason, another member of the hunt must resign with them. No riding alone. 


  • Greet the master before the hunt and thank them after each hunt.
  • Remember that the staff are volunteers. They both begin and end each hunt both before and after you. Help them to feel appreciated by offering to help with hounds, their horses or getting them some food for afterwards.
  • Arrive early and be tacked and appropriately dressed prior to the scheduled hunt time.
  • If you are sponsoring a guest, notify the secretary the week before the hunt in which they are riding. Assure that they have the correct paperwork and capping fees are paid.
  • If you are sponsoring a guest, you must ride with them during the hunt (you may find another member to ride with them, but guests must have a responsible member assigned to riding with them during the whole hunt).
  • Limit conversation in the hunt field. If you must speak,do so in a quiet tone. Remember, we are hunting.
  • Do not speak to the hounds during the hunt. Allow staff to direct the hounds.
  • Staff and hounds always have the right of way.
  • Staff will announce "Ware, Staff" when approaching. You must yield towards staff  by facing in their direction.
  • We usually hunt in 3 different flights. First flight may jump and follows a safe distance behind the huntsman. You and your mount should be prepared for walk, trot, canter, gallop and a full runSecond flight does not jump and rides a safe distance behind first flight. You and your mount should be prepareed to walk, trot, canter, gallop and a full run. Third flight rides at a more leisurely pace such as walk and trot with some cantering.
  • Choose the flight that matches both your riding skill and the experience of your mount. Ask permission from the field master to move up or back from one field to another.
  • Hunt horses must be prepared to stand for long periods of time, as well as walk, trot, and canter with several other horses.
  • All hunts finish with a "tea." Refreshments should be brought to share with all.

COVID UPDATE: We plan to hunt! We will be practicing social distancing - not hard on horseback, but we may be altering tailgating. Check here and on our facebook page for weekly updates. The Chula Homa Hunt is blessed to be able to hunt September to March each year. If you are interested in joining our fun, contact us.

Opening Hunt Program 2019
The program from our Opening Hunt held in 2019. For you to enjoy!
Chula Homa 2019 program.pdf
Adobe Acrobat document [11.3 MB]

Check out some of the pictures from our recent events.

Chula Homa Hounds
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